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Mission: Provide timely information, analysis, strategic and competitive intelligence to assist you in improving your performance and ensuring your success. Acquire and combine raw facts, data and information, translate them into knowledge/wisdom and communicate the result. 

Greene-Cohen & Winston, Inc. gives you cutting edge know-how by taking your questions, producing a thorough research analysis and giving you results you can use to position yourself above your competition.

Incorporated in 1996, Greene-Cohen & Winston,Inc. (G-C&W,Inc.) furnishes decision-making support to individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations and small businesses with problems to solve.

Our Research/Analysis-On-Demand service provides timely information, analysis, strategic and competitive intelligence to assist you in improving your performance and ensuring your success. Our primary objective is to put this knowledge in your hands as quickly, accurately and cost-effectively as possible.

Remember, everything you need to know is out there. We know how to get it and provide you with the knowledge necessary to increase your impact and promote your bottom line.

Our business is client-oriented and we maintain strict confidentiality. Contact us on (212) 724-8553 or email for all your knowledge/information management needs, to secure strategic/business planning and/or prospect research and friend/fundraising for your nonprofit organization or to acquire our publications. We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Mary Elizabeth Greene-Cohen, M.A.


Thomas Winston, Jr.

Vice President

Our Services

Give Yourself or Your Company the Information You Need to Gain a Competitive Edge and Help You Become Successful!

In-house collections,The Internet, Dialog, Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, ProQuest, Thomson Financial Services, etc.

Strategic and/or Business Planning

Trademark/Copyright Registration

Non Profit Management

Governance; Development: Prospect Research, Friend/Fundraising; Federal Tax Exemption (501 3(c); Form 990 Preparation

Archives/Manuscripts/Personal Papers Arrangement; Records Management

Arrange Your Personal Papers and Secure Your Legacy; Organize Your Files, Remove Clutter and Become More Productive

Technical Services

Budget preparation; ILS(Athena, Basis/Techlib, SIRSI, Sydney); OCLC, RLIN; Abstracting, Custom Cataloging, Database Mgmt, Indexing, Metadata

Editorial Services

Copyediting, Ghostwriting, Proofreading, Writing

Publications: Gain knowledge about business trends to help you manage your investments and enhance your strategic decision-making; Publications that empower its readers with knowledge about current government, politics and economic conditions from an international perspective.

Greene-Cohen & Winston Reports; SumTotal: Self-Interest for the Common Good News; Become a WIPS: Well Informed Public-Spirited Citizen, Subscribe! at

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Greene-Cohen & Winston, Inc.* P.O. Box 7485  * New York, New York * USA * 10116-7485  * Phone: (212) 724-8553

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